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What can we do for you? When it comes to your taxes, we offer a wide range of services. We are happy to answer your questions and concerns personally. And we also offer you…

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Ongoing tax advice

With our holistic consulting approach, we are our clients’ point of contact for all ongoing tax issues that arise in day-to-day business and private life. We understand ongoing tax advice to mean not only reacting to our clients’ questions, but also keeping an eye on legal developments and innovations, identifying the need for action and actively approaching our clients. We accompany our clients during external tax audits and represent them in any necessary appeal proceedings with the tax authorities.

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Annual Accounts

The preparation of annual financial statements is one of the most important duties of our clients, and not only from a tax perspective. However, we see the preparation of a balance sheet or an income surplus statement not only as a fulfillment of an obligation for our clients, but rather as an opportunity. Together with our clients, we review the previous year’s procedures and explore possible courses of action for subsequent periods. We actively exercise tax options in the annual financial statements in order to minimize the tax result for our clients.

Steuerkanzlei Finanzbuchhaltung

Financial Accounting

To ensure that our clients have an overview of the situation of their company during the year, we provide fast, precise and informative financial accounting with the results of the advance VAT return, ZM reports to the Federal Central Tax Office or the Intrastat report. Thanks to the periodic posting of business transactions and depreciation amounts, our clients receive reliable evaluations of the key company figures during the year.

Our clients are able to view the current status of their financial accounting at any time thanks to the electronic transmission of their receipts and the use of Unternehmen Online. Of course, we also support you in setting up the appropriate programs and processes. Our firm will also find the right solution for your company.

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We only use specially qualified personnel to carry out payroll accounting. As a result, we submit the payroll tax returns to the tax office, prepare the monthly payslips for your employees and handle the DEÜV notification to the relevant social insurance provider. We provide our clients with advice and support in the event of external payroll tax audits by the tax office or audits by the German pension insurance.

Steuerkanzlei Steuererklärung

Tax Return

Use your free time for yourself and leave the activities associated with the annual tax return process to us. We prepare your annual tax returns in a timely, structured and transparent manner. Together with you, we discuss the relevant facts of the past year and, where necessary, implement them in your tax return. Our structured process provides you with a guide that you can use to compile the necessary supporting documents for us, either physically or digitally.

You receive the final result in the form of the completed tax return, which we send electronically to the tax office with your consent. We will check the tax assessment notices for you. Finally, you will receive a reliable statement as to whether the assessment has been issued correctly or whether an appeal is necessary.

Execution Of Will

It should go without saying that your will as the testator should be respected and implemented. And yet a will alone is no guarantee that everything will be done according to your wishes. The correct implementation of a will is often influenced by everyday or unforeseen factors.

We act as executors for our clients throughout Germany. The declared will of the testator is our top priority, but we also endeavor to find solutions that are in the interests of all beneficiaries or entitled persons.

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