Steuerkanzlei Witzel is your AGT-certified full-service partner for the execution of wills in Germany

A will is a legally binding document in terms of inheritance law. The will can often be implemented without any problems after the death of the testator.



In the case of more complex asset or family relationships, however, it makes sense to appoint an executor. The executor represents the interests of the testator as expressed in the will with regard to the administration of the estate. The testator must name the executor in their will for this purpose. If this has not been done, heirs can also appoint an executor posthumously.

The execution of a will is often cheaper than legal fees in inheritance disputes!

Die Testamentsvollstreckung sichert das Erbe für Menschen, die nicht Geschäftsfähig sind.
Als Unternehmer oder Unternehmerin sollte man sich zu einer Testamentsvollstreckung entscheiden
Generationen - Testament bei Minderjährigkeit

When should you decide to execute a will?

Here are some examples:

  • The heirs are overwhelmed with the execution of the will.
  • The heirs are at odds with each other.
  • A company is part of the estate (safeguarding the existence of the company / securing jobs)
  • One of the heirs is in debt, but the estate should remain unaffected.
  • An heir is unable to represent his or her own interests due to a disability.
  • An heir is a minor and his interests should be represented neutrally until he reaches the age of majority.
  • The heirs may have no interest in the implementation of the will.

What tasks do we take on as executors?

  • Taking possession of the estate
  • Communication with and between the heirs
  • Preparation of an inventory of the estate
  • Settlement of estate liabilities
  • Preparation of the inheritance tax return
  • Exercising shareholder rights
  • Securing the continuation of the company
  • Disposal of real estate, provided there are no provisions to the contrary in the will or the heirs do not agree
  • Carrying out the estate settlement
  • Preparation of interim and final reports
  • Distribution of assets in accordance with the testator’s will
  • Distribution of the remaining assets to the heirs after realization
  • Administration of the assets in the event of permanent execution of the will
Testamentsvollstreckung - Eine komplexe Aufgabe - zu sehen: Aktenordner. Steuerkanzlei Witzel
Formulare - Den Überblick nicht verlieren bei der Testamentsvollstreckung
Alles wird Digitalisiert - Testamentsvollstreckung

Executing a will is often a science in itself

Your will is the basis for our actions; implementing it in accordance with your wishes is our goal. Formally speaking, the procedures in the event of death are clearly defined. Without an executor, however, there is no guarantee that everything will be carried out in accordance with your wishes.

We obtain an overview of the assets / estate. Naturally, we take care of all the necessary forms – starting with the certificate of inheritance – and accompany the process until everything is settled.

Often many years have passed since the will was drawn up and the family situation or that of your company has changed fundamentally. Our task is to reconcile these new realities with the will and literally make the best of it.

Inheritance is sometimes very complex in patchwork families. We see ourselves as guides and ensure that every heir receives what is due to them.

If a descendant lives abroad and cannot personally take care of their affairs in Germany, we represent them in all matters.

If you have also included foundations or charitable organizations in your will, we will act as an interface and organize everything necessary.

The execution of a will is a matter of trust. Our top priority is to ensure that you, our client, have confidence in our work.

Assets abroad

International execution of wills is also one of our tasks. It does not matter what type of assets are involved. You own real estate, have a business or hold foreign accounts: We include all assets in the estate register and ensure that everything is properly regulated, even outside of Germany.

Testamentsvollstreckung auch von Werten im Ausland

Expect more than what you expect!

Our certification gives you the assurance that we work according to recognized standards. The fact that we also advise private individuals and companies on tax matters creates a synergy that others are often unable to offer. We are the right partner when it comes to the execution of wills. We offer:

  • Tax-optimized execution of wills for heirs
  • Experience and assessment of the tax consequences for all parties involved in the estate settlement
  • One-stop service for the execution of wills and inheritance tax returns
  • Fewer third parties gain knowledge of the estate
  • Leverage synergies: We increase efficiency and shorten the execution of wills
  • As tax advisors, we are subject to professional confidentiality
  • Experience in corporate management and tax representation of companies in all sectors and legal forms

The execution of a will is also advantageous for heirs

Your heirs can also trust us. We are a neutral point of contact for them in the event of a dispute. We act openly, fairly and transparently – and make every effort to ensure that the “chemistry” is right. We offer a holistic process that saves everyone involved a lot of work.



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